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Success With Hyperlinking Has Some Reading To Do

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This is a week late, but it needs to be mentioned. Last week was the three year anniversary of Auburn and Mississippi State's 3-2 game, better known as "Baby I'm Burnin'." A hearty thank you to both institutions for taking Iowa and Penn State off the hook for 6-4. Now watch this and cackle maniacally.

Have an hour or so? Read this. Taylor Branch's article in The Atlantic is probably the most comprehensive takedown of college athletics I've ever seen. I don't necessarily agree on a lot of points, but you can't say that Branch hasn't done his homework.

Miami update. It seems like the NCAA is going after the assistant coaches that were implicated in the Yahoo! piece that have since left for other programs. Specifically, Louisville's Clint Hurtt and Alabama's Joe Pannunzio are the ones under scrutiny. Say what you will about the NCAA, but the trend recently seems to be that they're pursuing the specific rule breakers rather than just punishing the institution that may or may not have known what was going on. In my opinion, that is a positive development.

Rut roh! Ohio State DE Nathan Williams is going to miss at least the Miami game this weekend after undergoing minor knee surgery. Williams isn't expected to miss a ton of time, but you have to hold your breath a little bit every time a surgeon has to cut a player up.

I still think "superconference" is a stupid term. The Good Doctor takes a look at conference realignment and puts it in historical perspective.

Speaking of realignment. The Oklahoma Board of Regents is meeting on Monday, and the Sooners' conference affiliation is definitely on the agenda.