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Brooze Cruise: Penn State vs. Temple Injury Report

Not much new to report here, so we'll get right into it.

Official Injuries

Mike Farrell, T (doubtful) - Farrell is still nursing the knee he sprained against Indiana State. With just Temple and Eastern Michigan on the horizon, Farrell can take his time and came back 100%.

Chima Okoli, T (probable) - Okoli hurt his ankle against Alabama (and took his sweet ass time getting off the field, amiright?), but could go this week against Temple. With Farrell already out, the injury to Okoli means that Adam Gress and Donovan Smith move up a notch.

Pete Massaro, DE (out)

Garry Gilliam, TE (out)

Pat Zerbe, FB (out)

Unofficial Injuries

Curtis Drake, WR (leg) - Drake was able to at least get into the Alabama game, throwing the Tide some new looks even if he didn't contribute. Joe Paterno sent the PSU message boards into a small stir yesterday when he said that Drake could stay out for the rest of the season.

Kevin Haplea, TE (liver) - The newest Doghouse resident, Haplea was cited after the Alabama game for underage possession of alcohol. It's still uncertain what his punishment will be, but early playing time against Temple is probably not on his schedule.


Like I said, there wasn't much new this week, which is a good thing (unless you're looking at the tight end depth chart). So, instead of rehashing the old non-injury news, I'd relay a nice piece of information that Sean Fitz published in yesterday's S Zone ($).

Playing in Philadelphia will be something of a homecoming for many players in the PA/NJ/DE area. The following all hail from in and around the City of Brotherly Love, so look for them to try to impress the hometown crowd.

From Philadelphia-area
Mark Arcidiacano, OL
Deion Barnes, DE
Shawn Oakman, large tree
Curtis Drake, WR
Andrew Goodman, WR

From New Jersey
Anthony Alosi, DT
Bill Belton, WR/RB
Glenn Carson, LB
Gerald Hodges, LB
Jack Crawford, DE
Shawney Kersey, WR

From Delaware
Devon Still, DT
James Terry, DT
Justin Brown, WR
Andrew Szczerba, TE