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Penn State at Temple Open Thread #1

Step right up, into the weekly morass that is the Black Shoe Diaries Saturday Open Thread. Your standards rules, adopted from our BHGP compatriots, continue to apply: no slurs of any kind, no porn, no enormous animated .gifs, and...look, just be cool, okay?

Last week's 45-minute spacing seemed to work out quite well, so we'll run with that again. I'll be at the game in Philly with my baby, a scene which will look suspiciously like this:


Seriously, I'll have a seven-month old baby to myself for about 12 hours. Send prayers and diapers.

That means that the rest of your BSD crew will be your lifeguards for the afternoon. Please observe all directives regarding running around the pool, roughhousing, and swimming less than 20 minutes after your snacks.