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YOU GUYS! IT'S FINALLY HERE! Yes we finally have football, but I'm actually talking about Bruce Feldman's return. He jumped ship from ESPN to, where I presume he won't work for a company with sacrificed it's last shred of credibility in order to protect a disingenuous nitwit like Craig James. His first column went up yesterday, shortly after he absolutely torched ESPN in a radio interview with Dan Patrick. Welcome back, Bruce.

I'm sure this is part of an insidious plot that stretches all the way to Gordon Gee. Three Ohio State player, RB Jordan Hall and DBs Travis Howard and Corey Brown, are suspended for the Akron game for receiving impermissible benefits at a charity event. I don't think many people realize just how easy it is to accidentally receive an extra benefit. I'm not sure the players knew what they were doing was even wrong. Considering the low valuation (less than $300) and Ohio State's less-than-challenging upcoming opponent, I don't think this will have much of an impact on the Buckeyes, even though Howard and Hall were slated to start.

For real. Stop it with the conference realignment talk. BYU to the Big 12? Probably not, but who knows. Let me know when something's actually happening. We have actual football to talk about now.

Dana Holgorsen rules, exhibit 819237912873: THE MOUNTAINEER MANTRIP. And speaking of WVU, it's now a felony to burn a couch in Morgantown. Talk about a tragedy.

There's still a chance, dudes. I mean, if a 61 year old man can come back and play football, why can't any of you? /waits for first person to say "Kickers aren't real football players"

Last but not least, a little treat for y'all. Last night's Kentucky/Western Kentucky game was a straight up pillow fight, but it did give us this. I believe the word your searching for is "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!111" It would seem that Morgan Newton is, in fact, not Cam Newton.

By the time this posts, there will be roughly 30 hours until Penn State football kicks off. Remain calm and remember to breathe.

Rob Bolden will start against ISU. Late addition to the party, but sources are reporting that Rob Bolden will get the starting nod against Indiana State. Both quarterbacks will get time in this game, but it was unsure as to who would step off the bus first. Now we know (and sort of expected).