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Success With Hyperlinking Is Moving On

Unrelated, yet absolutely crucial. If you're anything like me, this past weekend's game has really stuck in your craw. However, it's time to clear your head and move on. I like to do that with with fine drink and fine music, which is why as I write this (8 pm Monday night), I'm drinking Southern Tier Imperial Pumking Ale and listening to this.

And away we go.

Conference realignment developments. Both the Oklahoma and Texas Board of Regents have approved looking for new homes, with Oklahoma being significantly more enthusiastic in that regard. Sounds like this may not take longer than a week or two.

Mergers and Acquisitions. The remains of the Big East and Big 12 are considering merging. The Mountain West and Conference-USA apparently are also considering a football-only merger. Will it matter? Probably not, but it would seem that conference maneuvers are not limited to the BCS leagues.

Them cheatin' Carolinas. South Carolina has received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA regarding alleged extra benefits valued at over $47,000. The NOA alleges that in 2009, Carolina players received deals on rent from the Whitney Hotel, where players were allowed to live for as cheap as $14.99 a day. If that weren't enough, this may qualify Carolina for repeat offender status. If you'd like, you may read the NOA here.

North Carolina, not to be outdone, has imposed penalties on itself in response to the NOA the NCAA sent them in June. The Tar Heels will vacate 16 wins from 2008 and 2009, go on two years of probation, and lose nine scholarships over the next three years. Now, UNC waits to see if the NCAA thinks they've done enough. Who knows.

Required reading. If you don't read it already, The Alphabetical is a must read every week over at the mothership.

FYI. The Indiana game on October 1st has been set for a noon kickoff. Adjust your schedules accordingly.