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Success With Hyperlinking Lives To DERP Another Day

I DERP YOU DERP WE DERP. Football officials aren't perfect. We all know this. It's an incredibly difficult job, and all things considered, the vast majority of them do an exceptional job. However, this is inexcusable.

For what it's worth, the Big East admitted that a mistake was made. That was no consolation for Toledo though, who have requested that Syracuse vacate the win.

Took you long enough. Texas A&M will officially be a member of the SEC starting in 2012. I hope they know what they're getting into. The Good Doctor is of the mind that they should be okay.

Take a seat, Mike Locksley. It's only four weeks into the season, but we have our first head coaching casualty. Mike Locksley was broken off by New Mexico following the team's 48-45 loss to Sam Houston State, and Locksley will take with him a 2-26 record in his 2+ seasons in Albuquerque. In his brief tenure, Locksley was the subject of a lawsuit by a university employee, allegedly punched an assistant coach in the face, and just this past week was back in the news when a 19 year old was arrested for DUI while driving a car registered to him. How Mike Locksley lasted this long is one of the Earth's greatest mysteries.

Rankings! The AP and USAT/Coaches polls are out. Not a lot of news. LSU jumped Oklahoma in the AP poll (as they should), and Penn State is unranked but receiving votes in both.

Oh, come on. As if things weren't bad enough in Minneapolis, Jerry Kill is back in the hospital after experiencing further issues related to seizures. Get better, Coach.

We can all agree that Penn State has issues as a football team. But at least we don't have this problem.

A word about Mike Mauti. A couple people have asked whether Mauti would be eligible for a hardship waiver, which would grant him an additional year of eligibility. The answer appears to be no, as the waiver requires the player not participate in more than 20% of his team's games. Additionally, Mauti still has one more year of eligibility. Hopefully he can get healthy and be ready to go for next year.