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Success With Hyperlinking Has A 3:30 Start Time

After having four noon starts in five weeks, Penn State's Big Ten home opener against Iowa has been declared a 3:30 start time. Additionally, the game at Northwestern is a 6 pm start time. So that's nice.

Devon Smith and Nate Stupar both had good games on Saturday, as Smith had the first 100 yard receiving day of his career and Stupar had 7 tackles (3 for a loss) and a sack.

GoPSUSports had several interviews from the locker room after the game on Saturday.

The Penn State women's volleyball team got back on track with a 3-0 victory over Iowa, though it wasn't the prettiest of wins. Here's a look at how Penn State's next two opponents, Wisconsin and Minnesota, stack up stat wise.

The Penn State women's ice hockey team played their first game against a D1 opponent. While it was an exhibition, the results were not pretty. Thank You Terry delves back into the history of ice hockey at Penn State, and turns up some interesting information regarding the first two games in Penn State history.

This is just dumb. There is no way that Nebraska/Wisconsin this weekend is the biggest matchup in the Big 10 since 2006. The Penn State/Ohio State game in 2008 was huge... but according to the poll is the least of the four matchups presented.