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Success With Hyperlinking Is PERSASTRONG Once Again

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You can stop crying now! Chicago's Heisman Candidate® is getting a bit of a late start on his 2011 campaign due to a torn ACL last year against Iowa, but he will be in the lineup this weekend vs. Illinois. Sorry to get your hearts racing like that.

Your required readings. Spencer's Alphabetical and Bill's Numerical.

Well this is... hefty. The Arizona Republic has released a report which details their investigation into the BCS. It is long and thorough, but "It's really corrupt and awful, you guys" would have done just as well.

Lane Kiffin is the gift that keeps on giving. One of his assistant coaches reportedly wired $1500 to Will Lyles in order to pay for Baylor by way of Oregon RB Lache Seastrunk's unofficial visit to Knoxville. I repeat: WIRED HIM MONEY. Don't these people know what the hell a paper trail is?

CONFERENCE SHAKE UP! Texas A&M and the SEC held a press conference yesterday to formally announce the Aggies' membership, but made sure to show everyone just how bizarre all their traditions are. In response, Baylor made a t-shirt. And just to ensure that A&M's conference move wasn't messy enough, now the Texas legislature is getting involved to make sure Texas and A&M continue their Thanksgiving weekend rivalry game. I've been saying all along, this needed more politics.

Highly irregular for a man of such a mature age. Don't tell Mike Gundy he can't get down every once in a while, because the man can still surely move that backside.