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Success With Hyperlinking Is Going Off The Top Turnbuckle

I think I've found my new favorite player. Indiana RB Darius Willis competed in a low level pro wrestling match this past week. I'm sure this is normally frowned upon by most football programs, but it gets better: Willis is also injured right now. I haven't seen heart like that since Mick Foley got off the stretcher to tangle with the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring '98*. TOPICAL:

Cue smoke up your backside. Mark Emmert wants you to know that the NCAA isn't a business. Right, they just happened to find these billions of dollars laying in the street, and are only watching it until the rightful owner is notified.

Now is Les crazy enough to start him? Jordan Jefferson has been reinstated at LSU. Maybe he'll see some time at punter!

/points at something. Brady Hoke ain't havin' your Detroit Tigers hats, son. Not nearly mansome enough for his taste. If there was a Brady Hoke Signature Series from New Era, I'm confident that there'd be some kind of gravy stain on the brim. #GOBLUE

Nice to see that a hardship waiver actually requires an actual hardship. Lache Seastrunk's hardship waiver was denied, so the next time (first time, actually) he sees the field will be next season. Refreshing to know that "Getting caught in the center of a multi-school recruiting scandal" doesn't qualify as a hardship.

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. The bros at JPDH have your drinking game rules for this weekend. I'll be playing along from my couch, as should all red blooded Americans.

*Not an apt comparison.