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Success with Hyperlinking is Delayed by Lightning

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Well the first week of games are in the books (except for tonight's Miami/Maryland game) and we've had a great start to the season... from the Baylor/TCU thriller on Friday, to your standard cupcake blowouts, to your annual "Notre Dame really lost that game?" and at least four games suspended due to lightning... it's been a very entertaining first weekend of the season.

One thing that didn't go away with the start of the season was the expansion talk. With Oklahoma discussing whether or not they want to stay in the Big 12, the rumor of a Pac-16 with Oklahoma and Texas has come back again. Larry Scott has already said that if Texas joins the Pac-12, they won't be able to keep the Longhorn Network. Oklahoma State super-booster Boone Pickens thinks that Ok. State is heading to the Pac-12. How much pull does this guy have with the university to be able to say things like that? Meanwhile, Kansas' AD is not happy that OU is talking about leaving the Big 12. To be fair, he's probably scared that his school could be left out in the cold.

On the topic of school-based networks, Mizzou is getting in on the act, but with an Internet-based network. Apparently this is something that Oklahoma and Kansas State have already done. They certainly had a lot less fanfare than Texas's Longhorn Network.

Bobby Bowden is getting back into the coaching thing. He made a 5-year commitment to coach in the Battle of Florida, a college all-star game featuring players that were either born in Florida, or played high school or college football in Florida. It doesn't sound like Bowden will do any serious coaching anytime soon though.

LSU fans like their beer. They also won a big game against Oregon on Saturday.

Va. Tech will remain elite for a little while longer. Frank Beamer signed a contract extension through 2016. If he finishes that contract, he'll have spent 30 years as head coach of the Hokies. For all of us thinking that there may never be another coach like Joe Paterno... is it possible that Beamer is it? Granted, he'd still need to average 10 wins a season over the next 20 years to even break 400 wins at the D-1 FBS level.

Tressel and Pryor just won't go away. Pryor has now decided to appeal his suspension after the Colts hired Jim Tressel on Friday.