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Photo Gallery: Penn State vs Indiana State

Finally, finally, I've finished the photos from the game. There were about 780 total, of which I whittled down to 114. It was such a blast to finally get back out there, especially since I missed the Blue-White Game this past spring (I was sick, but the rain sealed my decision to stay home).

More comments about gameday below the fold, since I know you just want to get on to the photos. Enjoy, and please, leave me some feedback in the comments.

This game was hot. No, it was oppressive down there. For those of you on the East side of the stadium, I feel sorry for you. It was not only hot and humid, but the sun turned out to be the nail in the coffin, blistering to the end. By the third quarter, I was actually hoping it would rain. My parking space was in the Orange Lots, just east of the visitor center (across from the JoePa statue), so it was an uphill trek the whole way to the stadium. Plus, I just had to stop by the Bus Tailgate south of the stadium, so that made me sweat plenty before even entering the gates.

Did I mention it was very hot out there? Yes? Well, let me say it one more time: It was em-effin' hot on Saturday.

I got a lot of good shots, more than I actually thought I did. But there are quite a few of the backups. Why? Because games like this one--against a bad opponent--is fantastic for us to get file photos of the guys who never show up in image searches, even the AP searches we have access to. So during the off-season, or even later this season, if some 2nd or 3rd string guy does something newsworthy, and there's no AP photo around, BOOM! We have one of our own.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Next week should be amazing.