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Success With Hyperlinking Presumably Won't Be Sued By Baylor

Deep breath... Okay. So about the Big 12. Texas A&M is for realsies going to the SEC. But wait, they're not leaving yet because Baylor and the rest of the Big 12 minnows are threatening to sue them if they leave. Allegedly. But maybe everything will be okay, just as long as Oklahoma stays in the Big 12. But if they don't, Baylor and everyone else will sue. Sounds exactly like the kind of conference I'd love to be in if I were Oklahoma.

As for right now, A&M to the SEC and CONFERENCE ARMAGEDDON is in a holding pattern, and we found out Ken Starr is still a dick. For a a slightly more in depth look at how the Big 12 got to this point, direct your eyes here.

By the looks of it, you ARE the only one that cares, Rick. My man Pistol Rick Neuheisel knew he was on the hot seat at UCLA coming into the season, and it appears to be getting to him. Someone should probably tell him that screaming pleas of desperation is not a good look.

The Sartorial Splendor Report. What if Iowa had Pro-Combat uniforms? BHGP dreams a little dream for us. In other fashion news, Arizona State's OMG BLACK OUT uniforms will not be too hot for the players. They will still be really dumb, though.

Full circle, defined. In the span of one week, Stephen Garcia's gone from being benched to being a team captain. Meanwhile, Steve Spurrier's tee shots have really started to straighten out.

Jeremy Foley is mad. Florida DL Sharrif Floyd is ineligible for another week after missing the first game of the season due to receiving impermissible benefits. But judging by the Florida AD's response, it sounds like another instance of the NCAA catching jay walkers while ignoring bank robbers.

I really like this. Arkansas is adding something extra to their field in honor of 9/11. Woo pig sooie.