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Interview With Bill O'Brien - Talking Schemes, Styles and Systems

New, 265 comments provides us with a great interview with incoming head coach Bill O'Brien, where the new coach gives us an update on his coaching style, some X's and O's talk, and continues to impress with his words.

Also, now that we've heard him speak a few times, we can start to fill out our standard, Bill O'Brien coachspeak bingo cards. Some of the blocks you'll see on your cards:

"gameplan offense" - O'Brien's description of what he'll do on offense, referring to the fact that as of now, he doesn't have an offensive identity, per se, but rather will tailor the offense to suit the opposing defense

"attacking defense" - Blitzing? Blitzing. Yes, please.

[puckerface] - Watch O'Brien (and you'll see this more in the introductory press conference) while a reporter/interviewer is asking a question. It seems to be a tick while he's formulating an answer.

[references a New England players] - "The next Tom Brady may be out there..." You hear that Skyler? He means you.