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Penn State Football Recruiting Update: O'Brien & Staff Face First Major Test

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All your commits are belong to us. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
All your commits are belong to us. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This weekend will be a massively important recruiting event for Penn State football.

When the news hit a few days ago that Cam Williams and Armani Reeves would NOT be making their planned trip to Happy Valley this weekend, many were quick to jump to the conclusion that this meant we were out of the running for both star recruits. Each of them, after all, have been hotly pursued by other Big Ten teams over the past two months, and any sign of wavering with Penn State was surely a sign for concern.

That isn't exactly the case, however. Brent Williams, Cam's father and a former New England Patriot, said they would reschedule the trip when it was easier for the two to meet with Bill O'Brien, which is definitely a good sign. You see, this weekend is a major visiting weekend for Penn State, with almost every other commit in attendance, as well as some highly targeted recruits. However, this weekend is also New England's first playoff game, a Saturday night home matchup against Tebowmania, which means that Coach O' Brien won't be able to meet with the visitors until Sunday morning (which he plans to do). Cam and Armani may have to wait upwards of two weeks (when, even if the Patriots are still in the playoffs, they'll have the week off for Super Bowl preparations), depending on the Patriots success, but their willingness to wait and meet with Coach O'Brien is a good sign. Urban Meyer and Brady Hoke making late, strong pushes for them, though, is not.

Regardless, O'Brien and his staff (well, mostly his staff, for the reason stated) will play host to nearly 15 visitors this weekend in their first test of the year: keeping the Class of 2012 intact and possibly adding more commitments.

The remaining visitors include:

Commits Targets
Derek Dowrey Demetrious Cox
Jake Kiley
Malik Golden
Anthony Stanko
Skyler Mornhinweg
Brent Wilkerson
Jamil Pollard
Nyeem Wartman
Brian Gaia
Austin Johnson
Eugene Lewis

It's great to see everyone else on the list, but the most surprising name is that of Demetrious Cox, the four-star defensive back from Jeannette (yes, THAT Jeannette) High School in western PA. Cox had originally planned a visit to Ohio State this weekend, but has rescheduled to join 12 hopefully-future teammates in Happy Valley? Will he commit this weekend? Unlikely, given his recent discussion ($) of his final six. But you never know.

BOB and staff have also been working the phones this week. According to 247's Steve Wiltong, they're making another run at New York running back Akeel Lynch. Lynch is a Boston College commit, but has kept moderate interest in Penn State throughout his recruitment. If PSU is able to get a highly sought after running back in this class, it's him. According to 247, five-star New Jersey athlete Devin Fuller is also hearing from PSU (sign up for free 30-day trial here). Finally, while it's premature to consider him a "target", late-blooming Georgia safety Jordan Moore has landed on the radar of new defensive coodinator Ted Roof.

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