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Meet the Coaches: George Godsey

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(Ed. Despite multiple reports that Godsey has indeed been hired by Coach O'Brien, including a post on ESPN Boston blog, Bob Flounders at PennLive reported yesterday that the move was not official...yet. In the event that the "multiple reports" that Flounders cites are incorrect, we will cover the ninth coach, presumably still the QB coach, at the appropriate time.)

Today's installment of the run-through of new coaches brings us new quarterbacks coach George Godsey, a former collegiate and Arena league quarterback who has spent time with both college and pro coaching staffs. Godsey recently turned just 33 years of age, and possesses one of the best player photos known to man. Let's get into it.

Playing Experience. Godsey played his college ball at Georgia Tech, becoming a two-year starter at the beginning of the millennium. His numbers while at Georgia Tech were quite good. Following a statistically sound junior year in 2000, which saw a torn ACL for Godsey against LSU, Goose, a nickname he earned as a boy, posted the nation's sixth-best passer efficiency numbers while leading the Yellow Jackets to an 8-5 mark, including a 24-14 victory over Stanford in the Peach Bowl. Two of his coaches on that Georgia Tech team included offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien and offensive line coach Mac McWhorter. Small world.

After a brief stint in the Arena Football League, Godsey made his way to the coaching ranks...

Coaching Experience. Godsey was given his first break into collegiate coaching by his former head coach, George O'Leary, who had taken over the head spot at UCF. Godsey served one year as a graduate assistant before earning the role of quarterbacks coach for four seasons (2005-2008). In 2009, for reasons I can't quite figure out, Godsey became the running backs coach at UCF. Then, in 2011, he was hired by the New England Patriots as an offensive assistant. Godsey got the New England job when Brian Ferentz, then offensive assistant that worked "mostly with the tight ends", was promoted to tight ends coach.

Buzzsaw? Buzzsaw. Godsey will inherit a position that is a pure dumpster fire. Three scholarship quarterbacks will enter spring practice, each with at least two years of time spent with the program, and there is still no clear cut starter. One is a former walk-on who has shown flashes of greatness mixed with sprinkles of boneheadedness. The remaining two were highly touted freshmen in 2010, each of which is dealing with their own issues (grades, being a robot, etc.). Throw in a true freshman (we hope) and a couple of walk-on fillers, and Godsey will certainly have his work cut out for him. [INSERT JOKE ABOUT JAY PATERNO HERE]

Anything else? To be honest, we don't know too much about Godsey, but that's because the man is still only 33 years old. In the coaching business, he's still the one carrying the equipment after practice and drinking the coffee with a bar of soap in it.

Outside of his playing and coaching days, Godsey has a strong football lineage, which generally bodes well. His father played for Bear Bryant at Alabama and his two brothers both played Division 1 college ball, at Air Force and Notre Dame. Born in North Carolina and raised in Florida, George Godsey held, at one time, eight Georgia Tech records.

Outlook? Ask again later. Despite the fact that he's never coached a game at Penn State, it's still entirely too early in his career to make too many judgment calls. The offenses at UCF weren't the best, but then again it was UCF. He was on staff at New England for this year's juggernaut of an offense, but how much input did he actually have? With Bill O'Brien seeking an active role in offensive playcalling, as well as interaction with the quarterbacks, Godsey's greatest asset may end up being recruiting. At 33, he could relate more easily to some 17- and 18-year olds than other members of the staff.