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Penn State, Blue Band Say Goodbye to Rock & Roll

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It was always preceded by a drum cue and a "point, turn" from the dual lines of horns. We were in team aisle. The white helmets could be seen bobbing up and down at the tunnel entrance. The Nittany Lion was standing ready to raise the Penn State flags.

Rock & Roll--the "Hey Song"--began to blare across the stadium, while the student section did its best to wave the pom-poms on-beat. Then, after a few bars, we would reach what probably became one of my favorite moments on a Penn State football Saturday...

Until now.

The Penn State Blue Band has decided it's time to hang up Rock & Roll. Why? You will understand after reading this...

‘Rock and Roll’, also known as ‘The Hey Song’, was written by British glam rock artist Gary Glitter in 1972. Glitter is a registered sex offender, and was convicted of possession of child pornography in 1997. He was convicted again in 2005, for obscene acts with minors.

So, yeah. It was long overdue for the song to be retired. As Dr. Bundy went on in the article, the band will now play something in place of the Hey Song, a version of We Will Rock You by Queen that has similar cheers within the performance. But it probably won't be the same. Nothing will be the same. So let's just move on.

And hey, maybe now Penn State can get back to playing things like, oh, I don't know, more actual fight songs?

Note: Over at WFY, you'll see the updated version of the song. I'm not at all a fan, mostly because it still incorporates much of the old Hey Song. As William puts it, we've had enough half-hearted decisions of late. (the new song starts around 7:25, following the always-fantastic Testify...)

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