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Joe Paterno Gravely Ill According To Multiple Sources

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Joe Paterno is gravely ill and family members have been summoned to the hospital to say their final goodbyes, according to multiple reports including Blue White Illustrated's Tom McAndrew, Wilkes-Barre's Citizens-Voice, and others across the state. Earlier tonight, Onward State reported that Paterno was taken off a respirator (this is also being denied as of 9:45 Saturday night).

Michael Sisak of the Citizens-Voice had this information:

Paterno's wife, Sue, summoned close friends and longtime staff members this afternoon to the State College hospital where Paterno has been undergoing treatments since last weekend.

Paterno wanted to see them and say a final goodbye, Sue told one of the staff members, the source said.

Also, the Associated Press reports that Paterno's doctors have "characterized his status as serious" and quotes Paterno public relations point man Dan McGinn: "Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications."

Obviously, this is beyond a delicate subject, especially here. More updates as they become available.