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Oh, Hello: NY RB Akeel Lynch Commits to Penn State

Akeel Lynch, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Home/HS: Attica, NY/St. Francis
Height: 6'
Weight: 205

Starz 'n Sheetz
Stars: 4* (247Sports), 3* (Scout, Rivals)
Offer sheet: Air Force, Boston College, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Duke, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, NC State, Oklahoma, Syracuse


The Tale

Lynch's recruitment has been quite prolonged as it relates to Penn State, but the ride is now over. Penn State was on him at the beginning of the recruiting year, when the New York back was still relatively unknown to many fans and recruiting followers. Back then, Penn State was still chasing such names as Will Mahone, Bri'Onte Dunn, and others, so it was though that Lynch would be the perfect No. 2 back to compliment those more-heralded runners.

In July, Lynch committed to Boston College, though everyone that follows Penn State recruiting seemed to think it was just a matter of time until he broke that and joined the good guys. He took visits to Iowa, Oklahoma and finally Penn State, and here we are.

Eight new coaches and one scandal later and Lynch is now the star running back that will be taken in this class. Coming out of New York, his recruitment was naturally slow to pick up. But he has slowly amassed an impressive offer sheet and even earned a fourth star by one of the services.

On campus for one of the more surreal recruiting visits by any recruit given the other news out of Happy Valley this weekend, Lynch had some great things to say ($) about Penn State, Joe Paterno and the opportunity to play in Happy Valley. Lynch's recruitment by the new staff was handled by the new recruiting coordinator and running backs coach, Charles London.


First, let me blow your mind with a couple of quick stats from Akeel. In his senior year, Lynch ran 213 times for 2131 yards and 25 touchdowns. Don't have a calculator handy? It's ok, I've got the math for you. That's OVER 10 yards per carry and more than two touchdowns per game. Additionally, Lynch is a sprinter for the high school track team, and has been clocked at 10.6 on the 100-yard dash. That's fast.

He's a tall runner, in that he gets his body up to target speed quickly and can break away in a hurry. Additionally, he's got the frame to put on some extra weight and be a full featured back. For comparison, Silas Redd was listed officially at 5'10", 209 pounds this year, his second on a collegiate nutrition and conditioning program. With a couple inches on Redd, Lynch has the potential to be just as good as he fellow Nor'easter.

Lynch's commitment makes it four total on a day that should have been marred by sadness and reflection. This additional cause for celebration is exactly how Joe would have wanted it, with attention and praise reserved for the future student-athletes of Penn State. Go forth, Akeel, and carry on the good name of Penn State.

Welcome to Penn State, Akeel.