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Black Shoe Diaries Podcast: Goodbye, Joe

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Joe Paterno will be buried today at a private funeral in State College, yet none of this seems real or final. From a personal standpoint, it began to set in when I watched this video (produced by Ben Jones) and saw a fuzzy clip of Paterno walking his children down a quiet State College street. The true hammer fell last night, after reading a tweet from a student who tried to pay her respects after the viewing had concluded, only to see Sue Paterno bending forward to kiss her husband's coffin.

Thankfully, I read that after Kevin and I recorded the podcast, because "almost cried at the 17:00 mark" would have turned into "bawled like a baby, please burn the audio file now". We talk about Joe's passing, how Twitter and the news media failed us, and how Penn State finds a way to reintegrate Joe Paterno back into the football program as we move forward.

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Goodbye, Joe

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