Please allow me to introduce myself...

I’m not man of wealth for certain, and frankly, the taste part is questionable too. I am, however, someone who has lurked here for three months now, and was reluctant to have my first post (or even comment) come in the midst of ‘everything’. There was almost a feeling of guilt that I would start to use BSD in my time of pain, without ever having contributed before. It’s hard for me to explain, but I hope some of you understand.

I’m guessing that I’m not the only one. And while it may not be proper protocol to put something like this on a forum where one retains their anonymity if they so choose, I feel that it's appropriate to make a formal hello.

The condensed version goes something like this: ’99 PSU graduate, BS - Chemical Engineering. Wife graduated in ’00, BS - Biology. Penn State is the only school I ever made a visit to. It was Wednesday, the week of Homecoming during the fall of 1994. Some dudes named Collins, Brady, Carter, et al. were putting up crazy numbers every Saturday. The drive up from Pittsburgh was made during the perfect time for admiring the foliage. I knew on the drive home that I didn’t even need to apply anywhere else – I was 100% committed. I'm a western Pee-Yay guy.

I met my wife-to-be during the first party conducted in my first college apartment during sophomore sophomore year (August 20, 1996), and we married 10 days after 9/11. We have the obligatory pictures of kids on the Nittany Lion Shrine, and used said picture for our holiday card one year. We don’t yet have the house completely decked out in blue and white, but the set of Titleists live in a PSU golf bag, cornhole boards are white with a solitary blue stripe, I made a custom mosaic table of the Lion's head, a Nevin Robinson 'Old Main' drawing is displayed prominently next to the diplomas, etc. You get the point.

In talking with one of my roommates just yesterday from that first apartment, we both agreed that while the last 3 months have been awful in a lot of ways, it’s only served to renew my sense of pride in having gone to Penn State. Coming daily to this board has been a big part of that.

So in those visits, I’ve read literally thousands of comments. I’ve grown to appreciate the personalities. I’ve grown to respect the vast majority of posters. I have appreciated (and been surprised at) the time some folks dedicate to it, have enjoyed the wit (admitted Simpsons junkie) and humor, and have often wondered how many of you I may have shared a pint with at Zeno’s. I’m continually amazed at the breadth of knowledge that the contributors possess, and the humility and openness with which they share it.

So before I continue to ramble, I’ll just finish by saying that formal ‘Hello,’ first to the BSD regulars, but to the newbs and lurkers too. I’d love to learn some of your backgrounds for those who are comfortable sharing. Surely most won’t, and that’s cool too. Regardless of how many times I actually end up commenting on anything, it’s comforting to know there’s a place I can go where people undersatand who WE ARE. And now I won’t feel guilty doing so.

A final comment of thanks to the mods, who I think do a pretty good job, and to the regulars who I feel like I know (and maybe do). Their dedication to putting their thoughts and opinions out there have helped me get through what has been a tough few months for the PSU family.



PS – Based on some of what I’ve read, I may as well add these two things. Yes, she’s hot ;)... And dark thick beers.....

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