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Penn State Coaching Staff: Welcoming Back Enthusiasm

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Over the past few weeks, BSD has profiled all the new football coaching hires. Now it's time to wrap it all up.

We have a few holdovers from the Paterno staff, but mostly it's all new kids on the Happy Valley block. And that's a good thing, because for much of the last three years or so, enthusiasm wasn't Penn State's forte. From rumblings that only a fraction of the staff actually put in 100 percent effort on the recruiting trail, to Joe Paterno himself saying he wasn't as "into it" in 2010 as he probably should have been, things were sort of heading off a cliff. It was just taking its sweet-ass time getting to the ledge.

So in comes Bill "BOB" O'Brien and a fresh crop of nearly a dozen football minds. Some are old hats (relatively speaking, they're young guns compared to some on the previous PSU staff), while others are looking at their biggest coaching job ever. What are we seeing now? That funny word: Enthusiasm. It's frankly amazing that Penn State was able to keep much of the 2012 recruiting class in-tact, even with Larry Johnson, Sr. and Ron Vanderlinden desperately holding onto the threads. What's more exciting is that Penn State will get tens of millions of eyes on its new leader this upcoming Sunday, as O'Brien goes for the best recruiting tool around: A Super Bowl Championship Ring.

This post is mostly intended to tie up all the coaching profiles with a nice little bow, so I won't waste too much more of your time. We will absolutely have more on the coaching staff as the off-season progresses. For now, study up...

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