Ben Novak: Reflections of a Former Trustee, and how the Board needs to change

So, this piece broke today, both online and in the CDT, and it's already received a fair amount of publicity. I recommend you read the full article; Mr. Novak's insight into the workings of the Board of Trustees is invaluable. I won't call his revelations a "bombshell"--executive boards tend to turn themselves into Byzantine power brokers everywhere, from corporations to country clubs--but his message is certainly a call to arms for those of us who want to see not just the leadership, but the whole administrative structure of the University completely overhauled.

I don't know much about Mr. Novak as a candidate, and I'm willing to bet there's at least a little sensationalism in his description of the Board's inner workings. All that being said, I see this article as a great way for the Penn State community at large to begin a thorough and informed discussion of how we want to see our University run in the future. So please, read this piece, and share your thoughts.

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