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Big Ten Recap: Week 11

Jonathan Daniel

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess not many of you really care what else happened around the Big Ten this week. Just in case, here's what happened.

Michigan- 38
Northwestern- 31(OT)

Northwestern did what Northwestern does, once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The WIldcats scored a go-ahead touchdown with 3:59 remaining in the ballgame, but was forced to punt with 18 seconds left, and the Wolverines made them pay. Devin Gardener hooked up with Roy Roundtree on a desperation heave that set up a 27-yard game-tying field goal. Gardener, who seemed to bounce off Northwestern defenders all day, then scored on a one-yard run in overtime. The Wolverines defense then stuffed Tyris Jones on fourth-and-two to seal the game. Gardener played an overall outstanding game, and Brady Hoke may have a very tough decision to make as Denard Robinson heals from an elbow injury.

Wisconsin- 62
Indiana- 14
Any hope for an Indiana Rose Bowl run quickly dissipated by the end of the first quarter. Indiana's vaunted offense could not get much going all day, and the defense was even worse. Montee Ball and James White combined for 359 yards and five touchdowns on the day. Wisconsin will now represent the Leaders Division, despite possibly finishing third in the division.

Purdue- 27
Iowa- 24
Purdue finally got its first conference win of the season by nipping an Iowa team in the midst of a four-game losing streak. Remember when Kirk Ferentz was on the short list for just about every major college and NFL coaching search? The Hawkeyes haven't done much since winning the Orange Bowl following the 2009 season, and will need to beat Michigan and Nebraska the next two weeks to be bowl eligible.

Minnesota- 17
Illinois- 3
Minnesota will be going bowling, while the Illini scored a moral victory for only losing a conference game by two touchdowns. The Golden Gophers were struggling just to beat FBS teams prior to Jerry Kill's arrival, so give him credit for a major step in Minnesota's longstanding rebuilding efforts.