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BlogPoll 2012: Week 11 Ballot

Another week of college football is in the books and it's time again to try and make sense of the chaos.


Blind stupidity or gross incompetence? Delany has two excuses for Saturday's events. Let's not call it a conspiracy, but year after year the B1G throws officiating crews clearly out of their depth on the field, to the point where they were the first to institute instant replay. Now, it appears the replay officials are just as unqualified. It's a shame poor Jim doesn't have the money to train and pay quality refs that can consistently make basic calls like holding or touchdowns. Oh, wait...

In other news, I think there might have been some upsets. Take a look at the ballot and remember, questions, corrections, suggestions and objections are always welcome.

The Crimson Tide takes a little tumble, but I simply can't find a legitimate reason to drop them further than Notre Dame yet. Kansas State is the new number one, but Oregon is right in the discussion. The Ducks difficulty stopping the run is the difference at this point. Florida barely held off another opponent, going to the buzzer against the Ragin' Cajuns and slips as a result. Oregon State and Louisville both take the plunge following their losses. Northwestern exits and the Bobcats nearly followed suit. The BlogPoll was relatively settled last week,however this week any and all rankings are up for this discussion. Have at it. Games of note this week include: Kansas State at Baylor, Stanford at Oregon, Oklahoma at West Virginia and USC at UCLA.

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