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Success With Hyperlinking Is Not Aware Of This 'Kicking Problem' You Speak Of

Sam Ficken has quietly become a reliable source of points for Penn State and other assorted links from around the Internets

Everybody chill the f**k out! I got this.
Everybody chill the f**k out! I got this.

b>The Laces Have Definitely Been Out - Perhaps no player has dramatically improved over the course of the season as much as Sam Ficken has. Unfortunately, the debacle at UVA is still the first thing that comes to just about everyone's mind every time he goes in to kick, despite the fact he is an impressive 9-for-12 since. Brian Bennett over at that four-letter network's Big Ten blog, has a nice write-up on how exactly Ficken managed to turn things around for himself (hint: it involved weekly phone calls from a certain NFL kicker in Chicago).

Dave Jones Battles The Concern Trolls - Our favorite Patriot-News sports writer Dave Jones has a message to those fretting over Bill O'Brien not flat-out denying he was looking at NFL vacancies during his Tuesday presser: 1. You're reading too much into it, 2. Bill O'Brien is 99.99999% likely to be back at Penn State in 2013.

Thirty Years In The Making - By now, you've probably heard about Nebraska fans sporting t-shirts claiming that Penn Staters got a dose of 'karma' for Louie McCloskey's wrongly-ruled catch in 1982. Forget about the fact that there wasn't a national championship hanging in the balance last weekend, let alone the fact that the play was reviewed by referees looking at slow-motion camera angles (you know, because instant replay didn't exist in 1982), and there were still over seven minutes left in the game as opposed to less than thirty seconds. But yes, 'karma.'

This Might Have Worked If Mitt Romney Won The Election - Lost in the all the petitions asking for [insert your state of residence here] to secede from the U.S. on the White House's website was a petition by one disgruntled Auburn fan to get President Obama to fire Gene Chizik. Unfortunately for said Auburn fan, only three people signed the petition, about 24,997 signatures short of requiring a formal response from the White House. Furthermore, the White House's web moderators have taken down the petition, claiming it to be "Terms of Participation" violation.

tEbowSPN - Deadspin details how ESPN's obsession with all things Tim Tebow, its embracing of Skip Bayless, and numerous instances of plagiarism by failing to credit sources where credit is due contributed to its downfall.

FUN WITH DORM LIGHTS - It's rivalry week in SoCal, and a cleverly coordinated stunt involving the lights of numerous UCLA dorm rooms led to this USC-bashing thing of beauty. Stay tuned for a YouTube video showing the lights flickering to "The Nutcracker" soundtrack.

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