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BlogPoll 2012: Week 12 Ballot

Another week of college football is in the books and it's time again to try and make sense of the chaos.

Jared Wickerham

Hi, America,

Right now you're looking at a BCS National Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama not to determine the champion you need, to determine the champion you deserve. After a year of continuous national ranting on Penn State's supposed "football culture" problem, you'll get a showcase in what that term really means. Brian Kelly, the coach responsible for the death of a kid, because filming practice on a scissor lift in high winds is a necessity, and makes jokes to reporters asking about one of this players that raped a girl, leading to her suicide, and his Notre Dame squad against Alabama, who's still Alabama.

Whatever, shut up and rank, I guess. I went with Ohio State, despite ineligibility. Alabama doesn't move up under my long standing no reward for playing I-AA FCS teams rule. Georgia? Still down at 13, Why? They've beaten Buffalo (4-7), Missouri, Florida Atlantic (3-8), Vanderbilt (7-4), Tennessee (4-7), Kentucky (2-9), Florida (10-1), Ole Miss (5-6), Auburn (3-8) and Georgia South (8-3). Looks like a Top 5 team to me. Woo SEC! Take a look at the ballot and remember, questions, corrections, suggestions and objections are always welcome.

Games of note this week include: TCU at Texas, Michigan at Ohio State, Notre Dame at USC, Florida at Florida State, Stanford at UCLA, Oregon at Oregon State, Oklahoma State at Oklahoma and South Carolina at Clemson.

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