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Maryland to the Big Ten in 2014

Rob Carr

Maryland approved a move to the Big Ten. Following a relatively brief meeting with its board, the school announced today that the Terrapins would begin its Big Ten membership in 2014.

This story will be developing, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, Maryland will have a little financial issue to resolve, namely the $50 million exit fee the ACC imposed last year--which, interestingly enough, Maryland was one of only two schools to vote against. If Rutgers does follow suit, it will not be able to join the Big Ten until 2015. The Big East imposed a 27-month notice for any member leaving the conference, in addition to the $10 million exit fee.

I can't imagine many around here will be happy with this move. But Jim Delany doesn't care what makes you happy. The Big Ten is--once again--jumping out in front of the expansion race. And whether you choose to believe it or not, establishing a bigger footprint in the New York City and Washington, DC metro regions is a very good get for the conference.

On a side note... and this has not been confirmed, the rumor I've heard is that Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech will be the next two in line for the Big Ten, while Florida State and Clemson will go to the SEC. I'm not really buying that, yet. But I'm not sure I wouldn't have said the same thing about Maryland this time last week.

By the way, does this set up moving Wisconsin to the Big Ten West, with Maryland and Rutgers joining the Big Ten East?

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