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Success With Hyperlinking Wishes for a Simpler Time

The last two coaches of Penn State football, in 1966.
The last two coaches of Penn State football, in 1966.

Is it possible to be depressed and excited about something? Oh, wait, we're Penn State fans, so, yep. Not going to touch the EITR today (you've got enough other threads about that), so let's keep this Friday fun and light, okay? Except for, you know, the super heavy, sad but uplifting opera above (lyrics here; they can be applied to so much, no?).

Onto the links...

Like Grown Men Do. Bob Flounders attacks LJ. Not that way, of course, because Bobby's still around and writing for PennLive, but he has a piece on Larry Johnson in which Johnson refutes claims that he's looking to be a head coach somewhere.

"Being a head coach is not going to be the thing that's going to satisfy me and I'm okay with that. I just want to be the best coach that I can be. And being that is what's driving me every day, that I create a brand that's very special as a coach. And coaching the defensive line, that's what I do and I'm okay with that.''

Johnson was reluctant to address his future. He seemed content enjoying the present.

"It's one year at a time for me, I don't think that far ahead about how many more years I want to go,'' Johnson said. "I've got a plan in my mind but I really haven't thought about that.''

Could that plan eventually be as a D-Coordinator somewhere? Who knows, but fans of defense (and of the blue and white) hope that Johnson's future remains in Happy Valley.

A Drinking School With a Wrestling Problem? Headed into this Saturday's NWCA All-Star Classic in DC, where Penn State's David Taylor (despite a slight injury) takes on Kyle Dake of Cornell and Quentin Wright wrestles Matt Wilps, the Nittany Lion squad is preseason ranked #1. Not unexpected, bringing back multiple National Champions on a team looking for its third straight NCAA championship.

Seven members of the squad are ranked by Intermat headed into the 2012-13 season, but only one member (Ed Ruth) is preseason ranked #1.

LOLlinois. As if he wasn't hated enough by female Penn State fans, Illini head coach Tim Beckman has lost 22 pounds since his team's last win. The visor-clad coach says he isn't used to losing, weight or games:

"It's not acceptable and those young men understand that," Beckman said. "They're in there hurting as much as anybody's hurting. They want to win, we want to win, everybody wants to win in this family and it's not getting done at the level it needs to get done. We've got to continue to fight, as I've talked to them about doing. We've got four opportunities, we've got to fight and we've got to continue to push this program forward."

Good luck with that, buddy. At least you don't have to see Mike Mauti (I can call him Mike) ever again.

Cool Guy Tips. The Altoona Mirror's Cory Giger thinks this week's game may be a trap one for the Nittany Lions (obligatory), but the players are talking like they aren't taking any opponent lightly.

"They've played some teams very well this season and could easily have a few more wins than they have," PSU quarterback Matt McGloin said. "We know they're a dangerous team."

They're a team that can play with anyone...and lose to anyone. And key to a successful outing tomorrow may be the most polarizing figure surrounding the Penn State program.

Okay, Okay, Not Completely Light. Penn State hosted a first annual conference on child sexual abuse this week, despite the turmoil from Hurricane Sandy. Among the speakers were boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, who was sexually abused while an amateur boxer, and kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart:

Smart, after recounting her sexual abuse by a kidnapper during months of captivity at age 14 starting in 2002, called the conference an "incredible opportunity to not only change the community but change the nation ... to change how we do things, how we look at victims and how we work around them.".

..A positive from the Sandusky abuse scandal is that the issue has gained national attention, she said.

"Maybe," she said, "it's starting to talk about what we can do to prevent it instead of picking up the pieces afterward."

If there's one good thing that can come from all that's occurred this past year, it's that last quote from Smart coming to fruition.

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