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Four Quarters, Four Questions: Purdue Week

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Looking back to Ohio State and ahead to Purdue, the BSD podcasters are back for another installment of FQFQ.

Patrick Smith

Better late than never, AMIRIGHT? Collyer and I return this week to take a look back at Ohio State, including any potential ramifications for the team moving forward. Also, we look ahead to Purd[SNOOOOOORE].

Other items include:

  • So the Ohio State game happened...did anything good happen? Well, Matt McGloin did Matt McGloin things, but it wasn't good enough; and
  • Despite the loss, Penn State hosted 100+ recruits, including one that would eventually flip to the Lions in Richy Anderson; and
  • A wise man once said, "Don't let the same team beat you twice."
  • Oh, and the Boilermak[YAAAWN]

Two great classic rock songs were chosen for the music, because why not. If you haven't seen the video for The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun", do yourself a favor and check it out. It's creepy in that "it's 1964 and we're all on acid" sort of way.

Finally, you'll notice that the podcast is now a part of the Podbean family. That's the first step to getting these to iTunes (as well as other places); unfortunately Apple takes up to 3 weeks to approve new podcast feeds. Stay tuned for that.

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