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BSD's Big Ten Challenge/Thursday Night Open thread Week 13

Winners and losers of this week's Big Ten Challenge


Usually, I use a photo from one of the teams playing in the Thursday night game, but since this is the last week of Big Ten play, and hence, the last week of BSD's Big Ten Challenge, I felt the need to put a picture of Bill O'Brien leading the team on the field. I think we can all agree that we owe BO'B a great deal of gratitude for the job he's done under the extreme conditions he's faced. Win or lose Saturday, I don't think anyone was predicting the kind of year Penn State had and I KNOW no one predicted the kind of year McGloin had. Thank you coach and I hope to see you on Penn State's sideline for many, many years to come.

Since this is the last week we get to pick games, someone will be crowned king prognosticator and things are really close. It will only take one screw up for the top to fall. But before we move on to that, as always, I invite you to join us here tonight after the Turkey's settled and you had your Thanksgiving nap for the Thursday night open thread. This week we get TCU (6-4) taking on #16 Texas(8-2) at 7:30 on ESPN. While Texas is ranked this could be a good game, you know how those Texas schools play each other. Stop by to watch the game and tell us in the comments what the most unusual (not your normal Thanksgiving grub) food you ate today. Calling all Snacks on Snacks fans!

Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor...

Last Week's Results

Last week W L
Cari 6 0
Jared 6 0
BSD Readers 6 0
bscaff 6 0
Jeff 5 1
Devon 5 1
Galen 5 1
Mike 5 1
Nick 5 1
Tim Aydin 4 2
Dan 4 2

Lots of perfect weeks including you, oh wonderful reader of BSD. The only two misses where Michigan State and Wisconsin. Well, that and if you count the fact that our former top gun Tim picked Illinois... and had that blow up in his face. I gave him the BSD Balls Of Steel award last week for that pick, he's no longer eligible for that prestigious award because he FAILed so hard.

Which means we have a new leader...


W L Win % Total Games
Tim Aydin 68 16 81.0 84
Devon 68 16 81.0 84
Cari 67 17 79.8 84
Jeff 65 19 77.4 84
Galen 65 19 77.4 84
Nick 55 17 76.4 72
Dan 63 21 75.0 84
Mike 55 19 74.3 74
BSD Readers 62 22 73.8 84
Jared 57 21 73.1 78
bscaff 59 25 70.2 84

Did I say leader? I meant leaderS. Devon and Tim are locked in a death match with Cari breathing down their necks. One wrong pick could mean the difference between life and death. Ok, not that serious but the loser will be mocked and ridiculed until my fingers are sore. CHOOSE WISELY!

This Week's Picks

Devon Nebraska Northwestern Purdue Michigan Michigan State Penn State
Jared Nebraska Northwestern Purdue Ohio State Michigan State Penn State
Cari Nebraska Northwestern Indiana Ohio State Michigan State Wisconsin
bscaff Nebraska Northwestern Indiana Ohio State Michigan State Penn State
Dan Nebraska Northwestern Indiana Michigan Michigan State Penn State
Jeff Nebraska Northwestern Indiana Ohio State Michigan State Penn State
Tim Aydin
Mike Nebraska Northwestern Purdue Ohio State Michigan State Penn State
Galen Nebraska Northwestern Purdue Michigan Michigan State Penn State

The team is almost unanimous with Nebraska, Northwestern, Sparty and remarkable Bully on Penn State. That came as somewhat of a surprise to me. *shoots angry ominous glare in Cari's direction* As expected, the BIG game is pretty much a tossup and I believe that Purdue has more to play for than Indiana.

On to your pics....

My Ballot Box
Indiana @ Penn State

Iowa @ Michigan

Northwestern @ Michigan State

Minnesota @ Nebraska

Ohio State @ Wisconsin

Purdue @ Illinois

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