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BSD Prediction Roundtable: Wisconsin

The final weekend of the 2012 season is here as the Nittany Lions take on Wisconsin on Senior Day. The BSD staff provides you their predictive insight for the last time until next year.

LOL Bert
LOL Bert
Jonathan Daniel

bscaff: Fat, drunk and stupid is, in fact, a way to go through life, Dean Wormer. Wisconsinites prove it every football Saturday. I admire them for it, actually. Funneling beer, eating brats, standing around in 8 foot snow drifts with one of those ear-flap hats on, dressed in camouflage, a hunting license on your back, with a little drool coming out of the corner of your mouth that turns to ice....what's NOT to like? And Bielema is a perfect coach for Wisconsin. Looks like he just mistakenly wandered onto the sideline from the tailgate, after shot-gunning a six-pack of Old Milwaukee. After the game he'll drop his car keys in the port-o-john, and hold his girlfriend's legs as she fishes them outta there for him. And in that moment, he'll realize he found a keeper.

Penn State by 4

Jared: The best way to attack Penn State's defense is to spread them out and attack them with a mobile quarterback (Braxton Miller) that is also capable of finding holes in coverage (Tyler Tettleton, Cameron Coffman). Fortunately, Wisconsin has neither of these. What they do have is a one-dimensional offense with the 114th-ranked passing game, but two extremely physical and talented running backs. The key to the game will be for the Penn State offense to stay on the field and not allow the defense to get worn down by Montee Ball and James White. This is even more of a concern with the thin depth caused by several key injuries during the last three games. If the offense has trouble finding a rhythm and become plagued by three-and-outs, it's going to a long afternoon.

The seniors on this team are the most resilient group I've ever seen take the field. There are just too many reasons (winning for Mauti, going out with a win, playing in their "bowl game") to believe that this team will conjure up everything within themselves to come away with a memorable victory.

Penn State 24-17

Nick: Similar to the Ohio game that began the season, emotions will be high and that brings with it the chance for early burnout. Ohio exploited this using with their passing game, Wisconsin will hammer away and hope the desire to tackle wanes. With spirit animal Mauti lurking on the sidelines, he'll do everything possible to keep their tanks filled. Fittingly, the season should end with senior Sunshine taking a knee from the victory formation.

Penn State 31-16

Dan: This will be a game won on pure emotion. Emotion hasn't boded well for this Nittany Lion team so far this year (see: Ohio, Ohio State), but this isn't a game that they're playing for the fans or playing for the division title. This is a game that they're playing for themselves and their teammates, both on the field and off: the fallen hero in Michael Mauti and the future ones in guys like Hack and Breneman.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that Wisconsin will be starting Curt Phillips at quarterback, their third signal-caller of the season. He went 14-25 for 154 yards last week against Ohio State, not truly inspiring numbers. The defense will have their hands full with Montee Ball and James White, though. The addition of versatile linebacker Mike Hull to the starting lineup may be a blessing in disguise as he'll be able to spy on these running backs all day long.

Matt McGloin will have a big day. Allen Robinson will have a big day. But I still expect it to be a close and ugly game with the good guys coming out on top.

Penn State 21-17

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