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BlogPoll 2012: Week 13 Ballot

Another week of college football is in the books and it's time again to try and make sense of the chaos.

Jonathan Daniel

This Penn State team continues to fight, they don't know another way. At the end of their journey this year, I just do not see how the Nittany Lions cannot make an appearance in the BlogPoll. It's become so watered down at this point all the excuses otherwise have lost their validity. Notre Dame makes an appearance at the top, because I don't have the time to craft my counterargument before the BlogPoll needs to post, but next week perhaps I can better explain another viewpoint using Ohio State and possibly Alabama. Take a look at the ballot and remember, questions, corrections, suggestions and objections are always welcome.

Georgia continues to trend low, but beating the Crimson Tide would move them more in line with the regular polls. Florida State and Clemson both fall as the ACC has disappointed overall. Louisville and Rutgers live on the perimeter following their ugly losses, the Scarlet Knights failing to make the cut and Louisville barely sneaking in. There should be a BCS buster from the MAC, but it won't be Ohio as it initially appeared back in the beginning of the season. UCLA gets another shot at Stanford in Palo Alto after losing to the Cardinal this past week and sliding in the rankings. Games of note this week include: Alabama against Georgia in Atlanta, Texas at Kansas State, Oklahoma at TCU, Nebraska against Wisconsin in Indianapolis, Northern Illinois against Kent State in Detroit and Louisville at Rutgers.

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