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BSD's Big Ten Challenge/Thursday Night Open thread Week 14

Who won BSD's Big Ten Challenge?

I must go now, my people need me!!
I must go now, my people need me!!
Jim McIsaac

I'll get to the winner of our prestigious BSD Big Ten Challenge in a moment but just like all season we have our Thursday night open thread and this game and Friday nights MAC championship have big implications in the bowl scene. But first, tonight we have Louisville at Rutgers on ESPN at 7:30. Both are 9-2 and both are unranked. If Kent State can win tomorrow and finish ranked 16th or better in the BCS, the Big East champion could possibly end up in the Sugar and not the Orange bowl. Tune in and comment often (Come on guys it's the last Thursday night open thread of the year - do your part).

On to the stats and winner.

Last Week's Results

Last week W L
Cari 6 0
Jared 6 0
Mike 6 0
bscaff 5 1
Jeff 5 1
Devon 5 1
Galen 5 1
Nick 5 1
Tim Aydin 5 1
Dan 4 2

I apologize to the BSD faithful, I was with family last Thursday night and didn't catch that screwed up my poll, yet again until this week. Instead of posting the correct one it posted a prototype I was working on for the prior week. Anyhoo... last week we had a tie at the very top between Tim and Devon with Cari 1 win shy. Well Devon missed with Michigan and Tim missed with Indiana and Cari had a perfect week which means....


Yearly Totals
W L Win % Total Games
Tim Aydin 73 17 81.1 90
Devon 73 17 81.1 90
Cari 73 17 81.1 90
Jeff 70 20 77.8 90
Galen 70 20 77.8 90
Nick 60 18 76.9 78
Dan 67 23 74.4 90
Mike 61 19 76.3 80
BSD Readers 56 22 71.8 78
Jared 63 21 75.0 84
bscaff 64 26 71.1 90

We have a three-way tie. If a tie is like kissing your sister what's a three-way tie like? I'll just let you guys answer that. So there you have, we have three equally lucky good prognosticators in Tim, Devon, and Cari. There services can be rented out for a very low price for individual packages but if you want all three to pick your winners next time you call the bookie, well your gonna pay a pretty penny for that.

Thanks everyone for playing, I'm quite sure we'll do this again next season; don't forget to stop by during the game. It's probably going to be a good one.

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