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Success with Hyperlinking is Still Riding High

Mike Pettigano/BSD

Supa News The self-proclaimed "Supa Six" all seem to be set on returning to Penn State next year, despite having plenty of options elsewhere. I've had a feeling Belton would move on, but hope to see him back with a full offseason with the new staff under his belt.

Who's Next for Linebacker U? Michael Mauti and Gerald Hodges will leave some pretty gigantic shoes for someone to fill next season. Vandy discusses what he expects at the linebacker position in 2013 and beyond.

CJK5H There are many reasons Craig James receives acrimony from the college football community. He acts self-righteous while smugly discussing the improper benefits he received at SMU. He used his clout as an ESPN employee to get Mike Leach dismissed for not kissing his son's feet. He ruined Thursday Night Football for years by being an obnoxious jackass in the booth for three hours each week. Here's further evidence of James' true character.

All About the "Academics" Silas Redd contributed a piece to ESPN The Magazine to explain his decision to join USC. He states that USC was a better fit "academically, athletically and socially," despite 1.) USC not having his major, 2.) giving up his role as a feature back and 3.) I've seen the USC cheerleaders so I'll give him that one. Also, USC has a beef with the NCAA as they claim improper actions by the infractions committee.

Stickin' With Ficken A nice piece on how Sam Ficken overcame early-season struggles that had many wondering how he received a scholarship to become Mr. Reliable in the latter part of the season.

Burlsworth Trophy As many of you know, Matt McGloin has been named one of three finalists for the Burlsworth Trophy, an award given annually to the nation's top player that started his career as a walk-on run-on. Click here to cast your vote for our beloved gunslinger. If you don't know about the namesake of the award, please do yourself a favor and read this profile that was written shortly after Burlsworth's life was cut tragically short by a car accident only 11 days after being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts.