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BlogPoll 2012: Week 10 Ballot

Another week of college football is in the books and it's time again to try and make sense of the chaos.

For the first time this season, Alabama looked beatable. Still number 1, but there's hope for a competitive BCS Championship Game. Kansas State might have to survive some time without Collin Klein and Ohio State jumps Notre Dame following the Irish squeaking out yet another fortunate victory. Overall, the BlogPoll really stabilized compared to the last few weeks, however this last month is looking very intriguing. Take a look at the ballot and remember, questions, corrections, suggestions and objections are always welcome.

Hey, remember that time when West Virginia thought defense was optional, because they would just outscore every other team? Mississippi State dropped both games against teams with a pulse this year and look to make it three in a row this weekend. Boise State and Arizona both join the Mountaineers and Bulldogs out the exit door this week. The last ten slots are extremely fluid at the moment with an additional six teams not in the poll that could easily be interchanged with any else in that range. Where is Penn State you may ask? A victory on the road against the Cornhuskers away from making an appearance. At this point, a cursory estimate would probably slot them in the low teens, depending on other results. Games of note this week include: Texas A&M at Alabama, Kansas State at TCU, Oregon State at Stanford, Mississippi State at LSU and Penn State at Nebraska.

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