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Bleed Blue and White, Win Free Stuff: Or, How I Learned To Love The Penn State Nittany Lions

I've loved the Penn State Nittany Lions for almost 30 years, with pictures, stories, and memories to prove it. Now, we want to hear from you for a chance to win tickets to any (ANY!) bowl game of your choice, even the one Penn State will be playing in will be watching on TV!

(That photo is actually of me, circa 1982.)

It really was just a matter of time. Born to a Nittany Lion alum, into a house that had blue carpet (in my bedroom no less), and in a state where 1 in 2 people have some connection to Penn State or a Penn State student/alumnus, I didn't really stand a chance. I was born a Nittany Lion; I'll die a Nittany Lion.

I'm sure I can't remember my first Penn State memory, simply because I'm certain my father had me perched on his knee or in a crib for each PSU season until I was able to watch (and remember) on my own. My first vivid memory was the '95 Rose Bowl, cheering my 12-year old face off with my old man as the Lions crushed the Oregon Ducks with one of the greatest offense in college football history.

But this post isn't about me. It's about you, and a little about Hyundai (hey, we gotta pay the bills). First, a word from our sponsor:

Do you know why Hyundai is awesome? Because they love college football. And they love college football fans. So much that they’re going to send one of you and a companion to the game of your choice, with airfare and hotel. How do you enter? Easy: just do what you do best – be a fan in the comments. The topic here is simple: why are you – are we – such loyal, committed fans? College football fans are the most dedicated and loyal fans there are; tell us your story, and if your comment is the best one, you’ll be selected as a finalist for the contest. As a finalist, we’ll talk about why we’re crazy about the Nittany Lions, except we’ll take it to the front page. And if our conversation is selected by the judges as their favorite? You’re going to whatever game you want. And hopefully using your second ticket on me.

Now is the time at BSD when you write your story. Like Hyundai said, we're going to send someone in the SBN College Football network to a game of their choice, and yes, that includes a bowl game. Alabama vs. K-State in BCS Championship Game? You could be there. Michigan vs. Oregon in the Rose Bowl? Sure, why not. Pitt and...well, you know where this is headed.

The rules are simple. Tell me your story about why you're a fan - you could have a sob story, a true fanatic story, anything. You are limited to one entry per person across SBN, and your earliest time-stamped. With the help of recs, I (and I alone) will be making the ultimate decision...which story will represent Black Shoe Diaries at the next level.

This promotion is open to all readers, staff included. I've taken steps to ensure that none of the other staff members have been or will be involved with this promotion, so know that bscaff will be entering this contest - write your comment accordingly.

My decision will be made at 8pm on Sunday, so take your time, write your story, and help me out by rec'ing your favorite stories. Good luck, y'all!

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