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Four Quarters, Four Questions: Nebraska Week

Looking back at Purdue, as well as Matt McGloin's rising draft (!) stock, Adam and Jeff return with special guest Jon Johnston from Corn Nation ahead of the showdown with Penn State's protected rival, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Eric Francis

A day after the election, we're back with another podcast, the end of which features us choosing between two viable candidates. However, as you'll find out, Ohio once again carries the day.

Other items include:

  • Another BSD podcast, another siren outside of Adam's Brooklyn home, in addition to the grown man's childish giggle at the first mention of 1994; and
  • At the outset, we look back at the Purdue game through some critical lens, despite the trio of McGloin-Mauti-Hodges turning in their usual phenomenal performances; and
  • Speaking of McGloin, ALL YOUR RECORDS ARE BELONG TO HIM; and
  • Jon Johnston from Corn Nation joins us to discuss the Cornhuskers, including their offense, defense, and penchant for drinking gin acting got-dang fools.

Music? Well that decision was easy. No politics and all that, but hopefully everyone exercised their civic duties and participated in the wonder that is democracy. Additionally, if you didn't vote, you lose all right to complain. OK, no politics starting NOW.

Also, iTunes YOU GUYS!

(Disclaimer: This is our first week with an approved feed. I think all you need is the link above, but apologies if the new podcast isn't immediately available. But hey, at least last week's podcast is up there!)

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Black Shoe Podcast, Four Quarters, Four Questions: Nebraska Week