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BSD's Big Ten Challenge/Thursday Night Open thread Week 11

Winners and losers of this week's Big Ten Challenge

My GOD is he happy!
My GOD is he happy!
Mike Ehrmann

Last week was a snoozer as far as picks go, no one missed more than 1 game so there's not much movement this week. As always this is your one-stop shop for open threads and this Thursday night we get an ACC matchup that looked like a barn burner at the beginning of the season but with Virginia Tech's year, now... not so much. This might be their last chance to make a splash because tonight #10 Florida State travels to Blacksburg Virginia to take on Virginia Tech at 7:30 PM on ESPN.

Stop on by to discuss the game, we'll leave the light on. On to the pics.

Last Week's Results

Last week W L
BSD Readers 5 0
Cari 5 0
Jared 5 0
Tim Aydin 5 0
Dan 4 1
Jeff 4 1
Devon 4 1
bscaff 4 1
Galen 4 1
Nick 4 1
Mike 0 0

You were a perfect 5-0 so congrats. That's the good news, the bad news is so were 2 others and no one missed more than one.


W L Win %
Devon 60 13 82.2
Tim Aydin 60 13 82.2
Jeff 57 16 78.1
Cari 57 16 78.1
Galen 57 16 78.1
Nick 48 13 78.7
Dan 56 17 76.7
Mike 47 16 74.6
BSD Readers 54 19 74.0
Jared 49 18 73.1
bscaff 51 22 69.9

Not much changed, nothing to see here. Move along. Move along....

This Week's Picks

Devon Michigan Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Penn State
Jared Northwestern Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Penn State
Cari Michigan Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Nebraska
bscaff Northwestern Iowa Indiana Minnesota Nebraska
Dan Northwestern Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Nebraska
Jeff Michigan Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Penn State
Tim Aydin Michigan Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Nebraska
Mike Michigan Iowa Wisconsin Illinois Nebraska
Galen Northwestern Purdue Wisconsin Minnesota Penn State
Nick Northwestern Purdue Indiana Minnesota Penn State

There wasn't much movement last week but the same will not be said after this Saturday, the pundits are all over the board. Iowa is an enigma, Michigan isn't trustworthy, and even the Penn State bloggers can't bring themselves to take the Lions.

Will you guys take the Lions? Are there enough that believe in BO'B?

My Ballot Box
Northwestern @ Michigan

Purdue @ Iowa

Wisconsin @ Indiana

Minnesota @ Illinois

Penn State @ Nebraska

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