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Success With Hyperlinking Isn't Paying For Dinner

Your Penn State and national news and notes.

Ronald Martinez

Tubs Leaves The Check: It would appear the night before Tommy Tuberville took the Cincinnati job, he was out with Texas Tech recruits for dinner. At one point during the night, he got up from the table and never returned. The next morning, he was on a plane to Ohio, leaving his recruits and fellow coaches stunned. While I understand the need/want to get out of Lubbock, at least finish your steak, man.

Cleaning Up: Penn State football players keep racking up honors:

$$$: Brett McMurphy, conference realignment guru, reported yesterday that the top conferences will make $75 million more than the lesser "Group of 5" conferences once the new playoff system takes effect. In the first year of the contract, the SEC will be rewarded for being the greatest conference ever and winning every national championship by making more money than the other conferences. Spare me.

Going along with the college football playoff, it seems that Dallas and Jerryland are the favorites to host the first national championship game in the new format.

Closer to home, the Big Ten seems that it will end up in the position to make another power play with Maryland and Rutgers fans as Comcast and Cablevision, the major television providers in the Washington, D.C. and New York City markets, only offer the Big Ten Network on their sports and entertainment or higher-tier programming which means that at least 2 football games and many more basketball games might not be able to be seen there. Nebraska fans bought in last year, so I'm sure that these urban television watchers will do the same.

Other News and Notes: Michigan State can't sell bowl tickets.. A Penn State fan talks about his "official visit" with Joe Paterno... THON child Emma Whitehead was featured in the New York Times.... a sad day for magazines as the Sporting News will be going out of print.