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Success With Hyperlinking Is Still Alive!

A look at Penn State and national news through links, links and more links.

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Maybe Oregon's shiny uniforms will distract the NCAA from handing down a harsh punishment.
Maybe Oregon's shiny uniforms will distract the NCAA from handing down a harsh punishment.
Steve Dykes

Congratulations! If you're reading this post, you survived the Mayan Apocalypse! Way to go, Nits!

The NCAA....investigates? Oregon and Chip Kelly were hoping that they would be able to avoid a meeting with the NCAA Committee on Infractions by admitting to some violations in talks with NCAA investigators regarding recruiting tactics involving scout Willie Lyles. Apparently, the overlords didn't like what the Ducks were selling and that meeting will indeed happen once the calendar turns over. The Ducks are accused of paying Lyles to steer recruits towards Oregon including running back Lance Seastrunk who is now starring at Baylor.

The only question is whether Chip Kelly will still be in Eugene for those meetings or will he be in Philadelphia coaching the Eagles? Choose your own hell, Chip.

Oooo, more court happenings! A judge ruled against Penn State's request for a stay in Mike McQueary's whistleblower lawsuit against the school which means proceedings can indeed take place before the trials of Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier come to an end. I'll just let you guys debate this in the comments.

Football $$$: Two differing stories coming out of the business of Penn State football this week: First, national attendance numbers came out yesterday and, for the 22nd consecutive year, Penn State ranked in the top five in putting butts in seats, averaging 96,730 fans per game for the 2012 season. Even though numbers were down this year, it isn't hard to put up a big number in a stadium that seats 108,000. On the other hand, Forbes ranked their most valuable college football programs and Penn State dropped from third to thirteenth, as they decreased in value by 21% from 2011.

Shooty-hoops Debatin': With the Big Ten adding two teams come 2014 and probably two more teams after that at some point, the Big Ten Geeks over at BTN debated as to whether all the teams should get into the Big Ten Tournament once all the new teams are added. My vote would be a yes considering the success and excitement that has come from a 16-team Big East Tournament over the past couple years. UCONN won as a nine-seed in 2011 when they went on to win the national title meaning they won five games in five days to take the conference title. The Big East tourney is better than the NCAA tourney in my mind with everything packed so tightly into one weekend and I would love for the Big Ten to follow suit.

Quick Hitters: Full storystream from the mothership about more NCAA debauchery as it relates to Texas guard Myck Kobango..... New Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen isn't an asshole like Bert which will make it really hard to want and beat the hell out of Wisconsin.... You probably won't believe it, but people were selling drugs out of the Imperial Motor Inn next to The Graduate in State College!

Finally, with the weather getting bad for most of the state last night and into today and tomorrow, be safe out on the roads, everyone.