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Welcome Aboard, Bill DiFilippo!

Bill DiFilippo joins the staff of Black Shoe Diaries.

Not Bill.
Not Bill.
Graham Denholm

Bill is a junior journalism major at Penn State. After spending his first two years at the Altoona branch campus (NOTE: everyone that Bill knows from Altoona calls them branch campuses, and he thinks that all of the people who demand they are called "commonwealth campuses" should be forced to eat a bowl of lead paint chips), he now attends the main campus, where he lives off campus and spends copious amounts of time playing FIFA 13 and NCAA 13, watching basketball and eating Uncle Chen’s.

Bill’s writing has been described as, "inspirational," "life-altering," and "moving" by Bill himself. Everyone else to ever read stuff that he writes usually say thing like, "Holy shit, this is awful." He will also attempt to get at least one obscure reference into everything he writes and inevitably fail completely.

When Bill is not in class, listening to Neutral Milk Hotel’s "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" or pwning n00bz in everything he does, he occasionally writes for Bleacher Report (which he is not proud of), annoyingly tweet everything that happens (@bflip33) and, in case any single ladies are reading this, plays guitar and ukulele.

Bill will be joining the staff to cover the OTHER Penn State sports not already covered, and will be helping out in any other ways he can.

Welcome to the staff, Bill!