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Success with Hyperlinking Is Mommy's Little Piggy

Success with Hyperlinking Is Mommy's Little Piggy

Success With Hyperlinking needed no encouragement at the Holiday trough. Trading in a fork for a coal shovel, SwH emitted nary a word, unless you count the grunts - grunts which screamed 'BRING ME YOUR FINEST MEATS AND CHEESES!' It was like throwing a steak to a pack of wild, starving dogs. Don't put your hands anywhere near SwH's mouth. As tribute to the greatest Holiday movie, SwH concedes that it is Mommy's Little Piggy.

Now, fat and satiated, let's take a whirl around the interwebs to conveniently gather all of the important news of the day.


The Bill O'Brien OMG praise continues. Writers, talking heads, and award committees can't get enough of the OMG The Job He's Done. This link comes all the way from Albany, NY and the venerated Times Union publication, who saw fit to reprint an AP article written by Genaro Armas.

"Penn State" was voted the national "sports" story of the year for the second year in a row. And now, "Penn State" has been voted the PA sports story of the year as well. So we've got that going for us. The good news from the article? "Penn State" was about the product on the field this time. Go figure.

This link, from the Delco Times, says you can take your story of the year and shove it. Actually, it reads: "Move On". //Waits for crazy people to hyperventilate and attack SwH in the comments for writing those two words in combination.

The worst thing about the bowl ban is missing those 10 practices. And according to Coach BO'B, the best thing is missing those practices. So eat it, Emmert.

More Sports

#11 Women's Lady Lions stomped on NJIT by a score of 82 - 37, with the Midnight Cowboy himself in attendance. Look, if Jon Voigt can drive his Chrysler LeBaron into State College, PA to catch a game of hoopey shoot, then all of us should be able to make a game ourselves.

How do you fill that BJC? You start them young - like Mackenzie Kelly, the 8-year old Tim Frazier fan, who wrote Santa requesting a new Achilles for the 1st Team Big Ten guard.

Billy Oliver is still helping the cause, as a 'been-there' sounding board to the injured Frazier, who awaits Santa's Achilles as gifted by the young Mackenzie Kelly.


Applications dropped 12% year over year, according to this PennLive article. Depending upon whom you ask, there are more reasons than just Sandusky scandal. The bright side of this? Despite the 12% drop, it's still the 4th highest application pool ever. STAT100 to the rescue.

Feinberg Rozen was retained to guide Penn State through the civil litigation - more specifically, trying to settle the civil suits. The total exposure won't be calculated in 2012. Expect that figure to be announced sometime in calendar 2013.

Since both of those items are downers, how about an inspirational one? Steve Smith remains positive, and continues to fight in his battle against ALS.

Diabeetus? Then Penn State Scranton Extension offers a 4-week class which, based on the title "Dining With Diabetes", I'm guessing focuses on your diet.

Stock Tips

How about Three D Systems (NYSE: DDD). Oh sure, they've made huge gains in the past year, and their growth has been mostly via acquisitions as opposed to organic. They're also carrying a massive forward P/E. So what - we're traders, and you can get another 10 points out of these guys heading into the New Year.

Or how about ResMed (NYSE: RMD). They make stuff for treating and managing sleep disorders - sleep apnea included. Have you ever heard a person with sleep apnea? Wow. Buy into RMD around $42 and roll with it as it crosses over $50. You're welcome.

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