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Success With Hyperlinking Asks What Lockout?

Stuck working this Friday? Kill a few minutes before the last weekend of 2012 with Penn State links.

East Side? West Side? Let's all agree Bettman sucks.
East Side? West Side? Let's all agree Bettman sucks.
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

As Commissioner Gary Bettman continues to burn away a season in a sport he seemingly doesn't give a shit about, you might like to see hockey in CONSOL Energy Center: Penn State to the rescue. Snow may have held up the return of most of the team to State College, but they meet up in Pittsburgh to play in the Three Rivers Classic later today. The Nittany Lions face Robert Morris at 4:30, with the championship or consolation on Saturday. It's not as cool as appearing in the Winter Classic, but for the hockey-starved wanting to see anything on their professional ice, it's a start. For those of us on the eastern side of the state and believing the January 14th start date is a pipe dream, we can catch Penn State on the ice in the Wells Fargo Center on January 19th in the inaugural Philadelphia College Hockey Faceoff against Vermont.

Hurry Up and Wait: While 16 seems to be the goal, Maryland's exit fees court battle seemingly has hit the pause button until the next feeding frenzy among the power players starts to create the Highlander Super Conferences®. There can be only four!

A Million Here, A Million There, Pretty Soon You're Talking About Real Money: There is growing concern among local politicians about where the NCAA plans to spend the 60 million dollars Penn State generously donated, under no veil of threat whatsoever. State Senator Jake Corman, representing Centre County, proposed a bill to keep NCAA fine money in Pennsylvania. Some take this as politicking, but as long as the NCAA continues to avoid divulging how the fine is being used, someone needs to hold their feet to the fire. Any information less than you could find at something like Charity Navigator is unacceptable and that's simply the floor for what should be publicly available. Always remember, follow the money.

It's Been Mentioned Before, But Yes, This Really Did Happen:

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