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Success With Hyperlinking Is Poppin' Champagne

The last SwH of 2012!

May you all have this experience at midnight.
May you all have this experience at midnight.
Doug Pensinger

What a year it's been, am I right?

BOB and His Recruiting Impact: Bud Elliott does remarkable national recruiting coverage for the mothership and he outlines the recruiting trail that Bill O'Brien has blazed during his one year at Penn State. He's quick to point out that O'Brien doesn't seem like he'll leave Penn State, which is the thought among most Penn Staters (and recruits like Christian Hackenberg). You can follow him on Twitter at @SBNRecruiting, especially this week as he is at the Under Armour All-American Game where Hack will be playing.

Why worry when we can laugh? All this BOB talk, I believe is nonsense. I don't want to worry about covering it, but it comes with the territory. I'd much rather laugh about Kirk Ferentz being one of the top choices for the Kansas City job. I know it would be a load off of the BHGP guys' shoulders, but would kill all of our "punting from your own 31" jokes. And because of that, I hope you stay, Kirk.

Blue White Rising Explained: If you're on Twitter, you might have been spammed by this Blue White Rising account about having all of Nittany Nation "ROAR" on January 1st. No one knew what it was about though. Onward State got in contact with the creator of the event and he explained that anyone who signed up for their "digital stadium seat" would receive an email linking to a 45-second video and that the roar would be created by people sharing that video. So yeah, that's that.

From the Sunday Times: Two great stories that came out in the New York TImes yesterday: First off, a look at the disadvantages of teams moving into FBS with regards to competition and revenue and second, a profile of Declan Sullivan's family, two years after his death while taping a Notre Dame football practice.

Quick Hitters: Former UVA QB Michael Rocco was looking to transfer to Penn State, but there's no room at the inn...NFL playoff matchups and times are out (sorry Eagles and Steelers fans)....Your schedule for First Night if you are in State College

Have a great last day of 2012, guys. May your 2013's be even better.

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