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Coach Chambers Got Your Back Anyway

There's a promotion for every basketball home game sponsored by McDonald's. If Penn State scores 70 or more in a game (a tall task, no doubt), all ticket stubs are worthy of one free Big Mac. In typical fashion, this is all our student section cares about during the game. So even though there was a funeral atmosphere for most of the contest on Saturday despite PSU's incredible play, things picked up drastically in the last two minutes of the game. You might have been confused if you were watching on tv, but all that noise on the last few possessions were students smelling a free Big Mac.

Penn State scored their 67th point with 2:22 to go in the game. This was also the point in the game where Frazier needed just one more assist for a triple-double. You probably thought Penn State students might have been aware of this fact the way they were carrying on in a blowout win after being practically silent the whole game. This would have actually been appropriate. But nope, what they wanted was a free Big Mac for the trouble they had to endure to go to a Penn State basketball game.

The Nits had the ball at the end of the game. The pressure the students put on Matt Glover to take a final three to clinch the promotion started to really pick up. Glover looked over to the bench, and Coach Chambers gave the greatest look of, 'are you (mouth-cover) kidding me?' The game came to an appropriate close, and students were disappointed they couldn't hit McDonald's that night at 2AM for a free sandwich.

However, despite an incredible lackluster turnout by the student section as a whole (even though an anonymous donor for CVC gave out 500 FREE tix!), despite the fact the only time they were united was for a Subway sandwich and a chance for a Big Mac, and despite putting on a terrible showing of support for our future star Brandon Austin, Coach Chambers has organized a way to repay our disgruntled, entitled students out of his own pocket.


Yes, you all get a chance for a FREE Big Mac anyway. Go to the downtown McDonald's tomorrow from 12-1PM. Chambers will be there to hook you up. You didn't even have to go to the game. All you have to do is wear a Nittany Nation t-shirt.

All hail Pat Chambers! (And come to a basketball game for once (and if you do, actually look like you have pride in our school)).