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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs. Iowa SECOND HALF Live Game Thread

It's ATTITUDE vs. RAGE: Round 2 as Penn State and Iowa engage in a grudge match at the Jordan Center. Hopefully, things will go much better for the Nittany Lions since this game is at home tonight. Also, if you like the remote possibility that Fran might pile-drive a chair again (see video above), then tune in to ESPNU at 9:00 PM ET to see how things unfold...

What's that? You're not one of the 50 people who gets ESPNU? Dios mio, man. Lucky for you, it's 2012, which means you can watch the game streaming live on the Internets via If you're still an unfortunate soul who can't watch, you can listen to Steve Jones and Dick Jerardi whisper sweet nothings in your ears on these local radio affiliates, Sirius Ch 113, or XM Ch 190.

EDIT: So, I'm an idiot and didn't realize the game tipped off at 8:00 PM ET. Open thread will remain as is for the second half.

And remember boys and girls: No porn, no comments that would draw praise from the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church, and no links to any streaming video feed other than ESPN3's.