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Penn State Junior Day Update

There was a lot of information flying around today, so here is some of it that we've either independently verified or have seen reported elsewhere and can share with you.

  • I spoke with WV WR Ryan Switzer just after his visit with Coach O'Brien. He told me that the visit was "going great" and that there is "nowhere else I'd like to be." Switzer made the trip with his father, and was high on the commit alert list. However, he told me that his "mother needs to be a part of my decision." This one should end soon for the No. 1 prospect in West Virginia, and it will almost certainly end well for Penn State fans.
  • I also spoke with VA QB Christian Hackenberg who told me the visit "went great, really productive." He spoke with the coaches and "got a really positive vibe all day." He told me he has two visits planned in March (to Miami and South Carolina) but that he "enjoyed the visit."
  • Finally, I spoke with CT QB Boeing Brown. He enjoyed his trip as well. He didn't earn an offer, but feels like he is close to one. One interesting note is that Boeing told me the PSU staff is targeting just one quarterback in this class. As expected, it appears that Hackenberg and VA QB Ryan Burns are on top of the list.
  • Earning offers today were a number of visitors, including: PA LB Alex Anzalone, OH DB Ross Douglas, PA OL Dorian Johnson, PA LB Zayd Issah, and PA WR Tyler Boyd. Some visitors that were expected to leave with offers did not, though that may be a mere formality.
  • Adam Breneman's visit on Friday went very well, and it appears as if Penn State is in very good shape to land the nation's top tight end. He still plans to visit Ohio State next week, so stay tuned for that story.
That's all for now. We'll have more as the week goes on.