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YAY HOOPS: Penn State at Wisconsin Live Game Thread

If you haven't read Eric's preview, please do so.

Look, we all know that today's rematch between Penn State and Wisconsin is not the top priority for most of us. THON is about to end in just a few minutes (as I type this) and hopefully break the $10 million barrier, and rumors of LIN-SANITY's demise have been greatly exaggerated. However, we cater to more than just "most of us" here at BSD, so here is your obligatory live game thread. Feel free to talk about anything THON-related though as well,

Tipoff is at 4:00 PM ET on BTN (or these local radio affiliates, Sirius Ch 92, XM Ch 191). Same open thread rules apply (no porn/racism/sexism/homophobia/trolling, no links to illegal video feeds).