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Penn State Marketing "Guru" Guido D'Elia Let Go

Fight On State is reporting that Guido D'Elia, the man in charge of Football Communications and Branding at Penn State, was "let go" from his position today. Additionally, the company that Penn State used for its Penn State Football Story productions, which is co-owned by D'Elia, Mind Over Media, will no longer be working with the University.

D'Elia has been a lightning rod for debate, as the environment surrounding Penn State football home games seemed to become more and more canned and forced at times. D'Elia recently brought themed games to Penn State, including "Favorite Jersey Day", "Wear Tie Dye", and others that seemed to rub some people the wrong way. D'Elia has also caught heat for his use of "piped in" music rather than relying on the musical stylings of Penn State's Blue Band during game breaks.

Who will replace D'Elia, and who will handle some of the football productions, is still up in the air, as are some of the questions surrounding D'Elia's departure (forced out? greener pastures?). We'll bring you more as we learn.

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