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An Interview With Class of 2013 WR Kyle Queiro

(Photo courtesy of Kyle Querio) via <a href=""></a>
(Photo courtesy of Kyle Querio) via

Penn State has benefited from bigger wide receivers since the departure of Jordan Norwood, Deon Butler, and Derrick Williams following the 2008 season. Larger targets such as Brett Brackett (6-6), Derek Moye (6-5) and Justin Brown (6-3) have often helped our developing quarterbacks in a pinch. Kyle Queiro (6-3) could be the next vertically-blessed receiver to fit this mold.

Queiro was one of several recruits to attend the first Junior Day with the brand-new coaching staff. He liked what he saw. "I saw the entire campus and the downtown area. It's a really beautiful place."

He was especially impressed with what he learned about the football program.

"All of the facilities are top of the line. I'm not sure if anything could be better. I talked a lot with Coach (John) Butler and Coach (Stan) Hixon. Coach Hixon was quiet but really cool. I love his experience, knowing he coached Sanatana Moss and other top-flight receivers in the NFL."

Queiro visited for the Illinois game last season, and came away in awe of the atmosphere.

"I loved everything about it except the weather. The student whiteout was amazing, and the atmosphere was just incredible, especially with the close finish. We stayed at a hotel about 50 miles outside of State College, and even there everyone was in blue and white and talking about the game."

It took a little bit of serendipity for Queiro to become a Nittany Lions a child. His father was a Cuban immigrant who did not know the difference between a football and a bicycle seat upon his arrival to the United States. He started to follow the game in the 80s, and chose Penn State as his team of choice thanks to their dominance during that decade.

Despite growing up a Penn State fan, Queiro wants to make sure he closely examines all of his options.

"I picked a high school without really looking into other schools. It turned out not to be a good fit and I transferred after my freshman year. I learned from that mistake and want to make sure I get as much information as possible before selecting a college. I'm going to take my time, and then make a decision right around Signing Day."

While Queiro does not yet hold an offer from Penn State, he is being actively recruited by several other schools. He has a growing list of offers including Boston College, Rutgers, Northwestern, Colorado, NC State and Cincinnati. While Penn State is looking at him as a wide receiver, some other programs are recruiting him as a safety.

"They have told me they would want me to play receiver, which is fine with me. There is definitely interest. I'm not going to speak for them, so I'm not certain that they will offer, but I sure hope so."

Kyle Queiro 2011 Football Highlights (via hqueiro)

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